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January 25, 2015

Baby Safety Car Seat

Colour : Red

HARGA : 65
Postage : RM10(wm),RM18(em)

*Ideally for child age 1-5 years old.
*Multi function : The car cushion can double as child seat. The car cushion can be fastened to chairs *with back rest and be used like a baby chair.
*Highly portable and does not take up storage space.
*Easy installation and removal for convenience without sacrificing safety.
*Can easily double as baby chair wherever you go, CLEAN and COMFORTABLE.

Securing the car cushion to car seat.
1.Place the car cushion on the front passenger car seat.
2.Sling the top securing belts over the top of the car seat.
3.Adjust the length of the belts so the car cushion could sit on the car seat.
4.Securely fasten the belts together at the back of the seat.
5.Pass the waist safety belts around the car seat so the car cushion is now hugging the back rest of the car seat.
6.Adjust the length of the waist safety belts so the car cushion is hugging the car seat tightly.
Fasten the waist safety belts.

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